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Landfare Ltd. has purchased Blue Pools & Spas. Our vision is to create resort-style living at your home with custom designed outdoor living spaces, landscape, inground pools and spas.

Form + Function

We believe that design is critical to enhancing your outdoor living space. And we know that it must be supported by materials selected and expert installation.

Blu Pools & Spas provides exceptional workmanship and the high level of expertise required to support your outstanding custom design.

If you already have a pool, you may consider remodeling it – additional features like a spa, illumination and decking can enhance your backyard oasis. Blu Pools & Spas can re-imagine your old pool into a beautiful, luxurious outdoor living space.

Unique Custom Designs

Blu Pools & Spas works with each client to design and build in-ground pools and spas that enhance your home.

Our designs complement the architecture of your home and maximize the potential of your yard. During your private consultation with our designer we want to understand your vision for your dream outdoor living space, and how your family will use the new space. We will discuss size and ratio, color and balance, and what elements are needed to support your vision.

In the end, it is about creating an outdoor experience that matches your lifestyle.

Water Features

Resort living can be yours! Our spas and water features give you the experience of a high-end resort in your own backyard!

Waterfalls offer a calming cascade of water and can be an independent feature or added to your pool design. Illumination adds to the atmosphere you want to create – fun, relaxing, romantic. Fountain bubblers create a perfect play area for children while a warm water spa offers hydroptherapy that is relaxing and healthy.

Blu Pools & Spas will create a luxury sanctuary in your backyard that gives you and your family a resort-style experience in your own backyard.